Scratch Post

Scratch Post
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Our Pet's Cosmic Alpine Scratcher

The Alpine scratcher is the orginal incline cardboard scratcher, US made it comes with Cosmic Catnip..


Our Pet's Cosmic Double Wide Scratcher

Made Doublewide cardboard scratcher with Cosmic Catnip bag included, Allows cats to instinctively sc..


Our Pet's Multi Surface Incline Scratcher

Two enticing scratching surfaces on one scratcher with adjustable scratching angles. Grooms and main..


Our Pet's Scratch It Hanging Cat Scratcher

A scratching post for doors or floors. Attached mouse toy has patented RealMouse sound. Sisal surfac..


Sky Climber

Cats love vertical territory - the higher the better. It gives them a feeling of security and master..


Ultimate Post Perch with Pad

Wooden Platform & Quilted Pad That Attaches to the Ultimate Scratching Post Elevated perch gives..


Ultimate Scratching Post

Ultimate Scratching Post - The Best Scratching Post. Period. Features and Benefits: Fibrous and dura..